Michelin Chef #1: “I would never serve a dish that used a dry mix.”

Michelin Chef #2: “You already are.”

Amusing, right? It may not be a knee-slapper, but it undeniably highlights an interesting truth: whether you hold three Michelin stars or simply have a passion for culinary excellence, the reality is that nearly every sauce, glaze, gravy, soup, or marinade you create likely incorporates dry ingredients. From salt and pepper to garlic powder, onion powder, parmesan, and more—the list goes on.

You can meticulously measure and blend each component yourself, and proudly label it as “fresh.” Or, you can rely on Midas Foods for high-quality custom blends that match or exceed the flavor, texture, color, and consistency of those made from scratch. Not to mention, costs are generally lower than those from distributors (or do you buy your salt 40,000lbs at a time?).

Why Dry Blends

Midas Foods’ culinary dry blends lie at the heart of the solution, providing a cost-effective alternative that is 30-50% more budget-friendly than fully prepared RTU options. They offer consistency, enabling daily or alternate-day batch preparation in just minutes, with minimal measuring and no need for culinary expertise. Plus, with the convenience of dry storage, you’ll significantly reduce refrigerated storage, shipping costs and lessen your carbon footprint in alignment with ESG goals.

For chains dedicated to scratch cooking, maintaining consistency becomes increasingly challenging as you expand. Around 30-60 units, variations start to surface, and by 100 units, consistency becomes a major problem. Dry blends can match your current recipes and streamline your in-house production, meaning fewer chefs, faster prep times, simplified training, enhanced consistency, and often lower costs.

Think about it—what does it truly prove to mix your dry ingredients when Midas can effortlessly do it for you, maintaining both freshness and flavor? 

Ready to Explore a Partnership?

We’re proud of the quality of our blends and want you to experience the drool-worthy taste yourself. Contact us today to receive samples or learn how we can create a custom recipe just for you.