Restaurant Chains
Custom Speed Scratch Blends/Menu Innovation

MiDAS offers a host of great resources for restaurant chains. From the innovative concepts of our talented R&D team to field support and culinary training, we provide much more than just great tasting products. MiDAS recognizes that the needs of restaurant chains in the U.S. and overseas only start with great tasting products.

  • Speed Scratch recipe conversions – Simplified prep
  • Menu innovation support
  • Low cost shipping in concentrated dry mix form
  • Custom pack sizing  – no customer measurement
  • Rapid response ideation / R&D
  • International product support

Wholesale Bakery Manufacturers
Mousses, Pastry Creams, Sweet Glazes, Sugar Free Bakery Items

MiDAS Foods International was originally founded in 1980 as Michigan Dessert Corporation. We have a long and successful history with cravable sweet items. From import quality mousses and pastry creams to specialty bakery items, pudding/pie filling bases and sugar free items, we have the widest range of high quality sweet mixes available anywhere. We also have the culinary and technical resources to modify or develop complete mixes that provide your organization innovative options moving forward.

  • Mousses/Fillings
  • Specialty puddings & glazes
  • Whole Grain Blends
  • Microwavable Bakery technology
  • Ingredient elimination (artificial colors/flavors, oils, fat, sodium, HFCS)
  • Unique sugar free options

Food Processors/Frozen/Prepared
Sauces, Glazes, Gravies, Bases, Fillings, Seasoning blends

MiDAS Foods International represents a wide range of opportunities for prepared foods manufacturers. These include rapid R&D and ideation to speed and kick start your product development cycle, providing great tasting manufacturable product options designed for specific applications, and multiple options for plant efficiency and cost reduction. As a flexible, quick-response manufacturer, MiDAS is uniquely positioned to accomplish some important goals for your processing operations.

  • Design for manufacturability
  • Cook-up or instant versions
  • Pre-blends to reduce sku’s/eliminate measurement error
  • Scorching elimination (cheese/cream sauces)

Central Kitchen-Cook/Chill Facilities

Midas Foods has over 3 decades of experience supporting central kitchen and cook/chill facilities.  We are continue to design and manufacture custom, specialty products that are available nowhere else and provide these types of processors a wide array of kettle-friendly options that prep well, hold well, and taste amazing.  We also assist these facilities by reviewing production procedures, attending plant scale-ups to assure proper processing and even advising on quality control measures and documentation needs.

  • Scorching elimination (mac & cheese/cream sauces)
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Design for nutritional content (salt, protein, etc.)
  • Cook-up or instant versions
  • Pre-blends to reduce sku’s/eliminate measurement error