Traditionally, food mixes have been synonymous with large-scale institutions like hospitals, schools, and prisons, where flavor and culinary excellence took a backseat. At Midas Foods, our biggest challenge is overcoming the historical perception that dry mixes can’t compare to scratch-made culinary creations. They actually can and our chefs & food technologists turn skeptics into enthusiastic converts after experiencing the culinary-level taste our blends provide.

Dry Blends For Restaurants

Over the years, restaurant prep strategies have undergone significant transformation. The scarcity and costliness of labor prompted a shift to more costly Ready-to-Use (RTU) sauces, glazes, and gravies.  That impacts quality and creates a serious cost problem.

Midas Foods’ culinary dry blends lie at the heart of the solution, providing a cost-effective alternative that is 30-50% more budget-friendly than fully prepared RTU options. They offer consistency, enabling daily or alternate-day batch preparation in just minutes, with minimal measuring and no need for culinary expertise. Plus, with the convenience of dry storage, you’ll significantly reduce refrigerated storage, shipping costs and lessen your carbon footprint in alignment with ESG goals.

For chains dedicated to scratch cooking, maintaining consistency becomes increasingly challenging as you expand. Around 30-60 units, variations start to surface, and by 100 units, consistency becomes a major problem. Dry blends can match your current recipes and streamline your in-house production, meaning fewer chefs, faster prep times, simplified training, enhanced consistency, and often lower costs.

For Manufacturers

For cold process plants and those without sauce-makingcapabilities, the only prior option has been to purchase prepared sauces in bulk. This puts the manufacturers at a cost disadvantage to competitiors and results in lower margins.  But, thanks to Midas Foods, these organizations can now operate efficiently in a cold environment without the need for cooking. Even for processors with sauce-making capabilities, the challenges of dealing with numerous raw material SKUs, large minimum order quantities (MOQs), ingredient wastage, and lengthy preparation times are problematic. Midas Foods offers single-ingredient dry blends that are pre-measured, pre-tested, and tailored to meet specific requirements, including allergens, ingredients, clean labels, cost-efficiency, product quality, and processing ease.

For virtual brands, our approach allows for partnerships with co-packers across the country, eliminating supply chain issues and ensuring a seamless manufacturing process.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

At Midas Foods, our award-winning chefs and food technologists ensure that each dry blend matches or exceeds the taste of those scratch-made.  We’re proud of the quality of our blends and want you to experience the drool-worthy taste yourself. Contact us today to receive samples or learn how we can create a custom recipe just for you.