Oak Park, Mich. – September 20, 2023 – Midas Foods International is pleased to announce that Chef Jerry McDonald, its vice president of culinary and head of the food research and development division, has been selected to cook for the Research Chefs Association’s (RCA) fundraiser on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the prestigious James Beard House in Manhattan. 

Midas Food Culinary Director Jerry McDonald selected to cook at James Beard House event to benefit the Research Chefs Association.

The RCA selected McDonald for its highly-anticipated private event titled, “Harvesting Harmony: A Gastronomic Affair Cultivating Conscious Cuisine, where he’ll join nine other invited chefs to prepare an ten-course tasting dinner showcasing sustainable food products and practices. The event will raise $50,000 to continue the RCA’s mission of blending culinary arts and food science, and to support food product developers globally.

“Representing the Research Chefs Association and cooking at The James Beard House is an incredible honor,” said Chef McDonald. “I believe many people overlook the immense culinary talents of RCA members because we’re responsible for creating food and food ingredients for the masses, so this type of event allows us to fully showcase our skills. I’m truly excited by the RCA’s chosen menu for the evening, which will demonstrate that it is absolutely possible to deliver extraordinary food and flavors in a way that is responsible for our planet. This is an extremely relevant topic for our industry and it’s a core element of our mission here at Midas.

Chef McDonald oversees Midas Food International’s team of research and development chefs, which engineer award-winning custom dry blend food products, including sauces, glazes and gravies, soups, stocks and broths, seasonings, and more. 

“We’re immensely proud to sponsor Chef Jerry McDonald and the RCA’s Harvesting Harmony dinner,” said Midas Foods International President Richard Elias. “Recognizing not just our groundbreaking products but the brilliant team behind them, we celebrate Chef McDonald’s journey to achieve every chef’s dream━to cook at the James Beard House. Jerry’s invaluable talent, mentorship, and vision continue to inspire our team and enrich the culinary world.”