Gambas Al Ajillo, inspired by Spanish-style garlic shrimp, boasts a delightful blend of creamy citrus and spices, providing an exceptional seafood option for your customers.

What sets our Gambas Al Ajillo sauce base apart?

  • Requires no cooking: Simply add water and melted butter
  • Stores dry: One ingredient, ensuring minimal storage space
  • Mixes with minimal agitation: Streamlining your preparation process
  • Freeze-thaw stable: Offering flexibility and convenience.

Midas Foods is proud to produce a diverse range of custom cold-process sauce bases tailored specifically for seafood processors offering an extraordinary speed-scratch option that is both convenient and versatile.

Moreover, our dry blend is fully customizable to meet your unique requirements, whether it’s adjusting flavor profiles, colors, viscosities, or accommodating specific allergens. And, as with all our offerings, our Gambas Al Ajillo sauce base is competitively priced, typically 20-40% less than ready-to-use alternatives.