Team Midas brought their flavor game with Chefs Jerry McDonald, Jessica Wainwright, Lynn Madsen, and Patricia Cook. Guests slurped up a Tang Lava Lamps made with tangy pineapple orange juice with edible glitter, vodka, and hibiscus spheres, topped with preserved lemon flavored cream foam, and served with an enlightened stir. Then they tasted a Tuna Noodle Casserole made with lettuce, Tokyo scallions, and red bell pepper dressed in Bonito bang-bang sauce, topped with Hunan chili and sesame soy seasoned tuna tartare, and Doubanjiang and Kimchi potato dusted fried Chow Mein noodles. Pigs on the blanket were also served, featuring a Cola braised crispy pork belly seasoned with Bell’s Ras al Hanout flavored 5-spice seasoning, with Amber ale caramelized onion jam and Cidre de glace and Aleppo pepper flavored Kalbi sauce atop a curry leaf and sweet corn flavored cornbread crostini, with edible flowers. Mouths watered with Fondue-a-delic – inverted fondue – made with Gruyere cheesecake cookie dough served on a fondue fork with Butterscotch and waffle cone granolas for dipping in a mini crock. Finally, guests snacked on Jiffy Unpopped Corn made with freeze dried super sweet corn kernels seasoned with Szechuan pepper and buttered popcorn kettle seasoning in a mini air-popper container.