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The Problem

A top 100 restaurant chain with hundreds of units nationally had been doing business with a major global supplier for over a decade on both soup and sauce bases in prepared/frozen format. Not only was it expensive to purchase, ship, and store the products, but they also required thawing and dilution in order to use.

When ingredient shortages became a major issue in 2021, their global supplier determined that the chain was no longer crucial for their future growth. The supplier began to short-ship orders before notifying them that all items would soon be discontinued and ingredients would be shifted to “more important customers.”

The Solution

Prior to this, Midas had been in discussions with this restaurant to provide dry blend alternatives that would match ready-to-use (RTU) versions. These dry blends would taste the same but would ship dry, store dry, and cost much less.

Once the restaurant was notified of the discontinuation, Midas was contacted and went into emergency mode. We were not only able to match the ingredients with lower-cost dry substitutes, but they were able to ramp up production despite labor and ingredient issues.

The Results

With deft management, Midas was able to assume full supply capabilities within 60 days during the greatest ingredient crisis in American history. By working with Midas, the chain was able to avert a disaster and maintain its key, core items to keep its most popular dishes on the menu.

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