Product Cost Savings

The Problem

Obtaining authentic ethnic sauces is a challenge, both from a culinary and an ingredient-sourcing perspective. In particular, Asian sauces are difficult due to the number of exotic ingredients typically needed. For manufacturers, this drives unwieldy SKU proliferation along with astronomical cost and logistical issues. Oftentimes, the supply chain is stretched to Asia to obtain fish sauces or other fermented bases. One manufacturer wanted a better solution for these sauces and contacted Midas Foods for support.

The Solution

The manufacturer needed a solution that would identify and eliminate allergens, consolidate 13 ingredients into one functional sauce, and reduce costs by at least 25%. Midas chefs and food techs worked with the manufacturer’s culinary and quality assurance teams and reverse-engineered a Ponzu, Sriracha and a Gochujang, all frequently used in their production.

Midas developed several prototypes that were shared for processing and organoleptic feedback. The entire review process took about six weeks, and Midas delivered the manufacturer the final culinary level sauce blends that were authentically Asian.

The Results

Midas reduced the sauce to three simple ingredients—the Midas blend, soy sauce, and water. The seafood allergen and reliance on imported ingredients were eliminated, and overall costs were reduced by roughly 28%.

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