• Alfredo Sauce Jr.

    There isn't a richer alfredo available anywhere.  With rich creaminess and lots of parmesan and romano, this sauce is what an alfredo should taste like.  Just add water and either butter or margarine and it is ready to go.
  • Bananas Foster Sauce

    Great for breakfast applications with waffles, pancakes and french toast as well as dessert items from ice cream to cheesecake.  This is an incredibly rich and cravable sauce with deep rich flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar and banana.  If you are looking for "wow" foods, this is it.
  • Smooth, great quality brown gravy mix.  Simply whisk with water
    • 18 - 1lb. pouches
    • Case yields 168lbs. finished
  • Brown Sugar Topping

    This is a non-hardening, brown sugar topping for oatmeal and other desserts. Packed 6 - 2 lb. pouches per case.
  • Cheddar Cheese Sauce

    This is a great, low cost cheese sauce. Just hand whisk with water and you are good to go. Good, clean cheddar flavor that has a clean, smooth mouth-feel. You won't find a better value anywhere.
  • This is a  sweet & savory Cherry Chipotle Glaze designed for use on chicken and fish.  Incredible flavor from a dry mix.
    • 12 -1.64lb.
    • Case yields 33.50lb.
  • This is a soft batch chocolate chip cookie base.
  • Chocolate Mousse

    This is a European import quality mousse mix suitable for pastry and fine bakery applications.  It is made with the addition of heavy whipping cream or non-dairy whip topping.  Simply whip and chill.  Excellent in dessert applications, very rich and easy to handle through a pastry bag.  Freeze/thaw stable.
  • This is a non-hardening, cinnamon brown sugar topping for oatmeal and other desserts. Packed 6 - 2 lb. pouches per case.
  • Country Gravy Mix – Instant

    Great, instant, add-water country gravy mix.
    • 16 - .77lb. pouches
    • Case yields 78.9lbs. finished
  • This is a very high quality, smooth, creamy savory cream sauce mix.  Just add water and hand whisk.  Can be used as is or as a base for other sauces.  Holds up extremely well and will not break down with heat or refrigeration.
    • 10 - 1.68lb. pouches per case
    • Add 1 gallon to each pouch
    • Yields 1oolbs. of finished sauce per case.


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