Ever wondered why scratch culinary sauces aren’t typically found in dipping cups or pouches? The answer is straightforward. Major processors capable of producing millions of pouches or dipping cups daily rely on their existing stock ingredients. They are often reluctant to introduce and certify new ingredients, flavors, or companies due to the lengthy and complex approval process, not to mention the issue of SKU proliferation.

This is where Midas Foods ingredient systems come into play, enhancing the sauces from your current manufacturers. Unlike others, Midas is not limited by SKUs. We bring in new ingredients whenever our chefs need them to achieve the desired depth of flavor. This flexibility is why QSR chains increasingly collaborate with Midas to develop signature sauces and dips, integrating these ingredient systems into their existing supply chains. Culinary quality from a dipping cup or pouch is possible—just ask Midas.

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