Successful U.S. restaurant chains often get requests for international expansion, which is tempting since unit volumes can be double or triple the average revenues in the U.S. While it may seem like a great growth path, supply chain can be a nightmare—international shipping costs are outrageous and deliveries are never certain without local contacts to manage customs.  It’s an incredible amount of work building logistics and supply chain for every country you enter. So, who are you going to call?

For the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) or Asia/Pacific (APAC), the largest chains in the world have abandoned their core vendors and called Midas Foods International. Based in the U.S. with local contacts that work in your time zone, Midas Foods International also has an ISO 9000, Halal-certified facility in India which has supplied dozens of major chains in the region from single unit startup to 1,000 unit proliferation.

We work with you in the U.S. to execute contracts and obtain food samples (sauces, glazes, gravies, drinks, etc.) and forward those to India for matching with domestically available ingredients. Midas India then submits and modifies prototypes to the U.S. until you’re satisfied with the custom, long shelf-life, easily-exportable dry mix we create.

MOQ’s are ridiculously low at 50-100bs, and Midas handles all logistics with your franchisee, assuring the product gets through customs and is delivered to their distributor. You are totally out of the fulfillment loop, making re-supply less costly and much faster.

If you are preparing to go international, think ahead and partner with a group that can take the entire logistics/supply chain piece off your plate.  Set up a discussion with Midas Foods here in the U.S. today.