Customers often request a wide range of sauces, but accommodating their requests for items that require regulatory changes can present major obstacles to business expansion. A prime example? Producing liquid, dairy-based sauces in a non-USDA plant. In these situations, manufacturers need to procure and refrigerate perishable ingredients like milk, cream, and cheeses while adhering to stringent USDA regulations, resulting in substantial expenses and operational constraints.

Midas Foods International proudly offers the ability to manufacture these sauces without the need for heavy investment or additional regulation, all without sacrificing taste. Our culinary-grade dry blends, including alfredo, cream, cheddar, hollandaise, and a variety of other dairy sauces, can be made instantly just by adding water. This not only eliminates lengthy cooking processes but also eliminates regulatory restrictions.

Contact us today to explore the myriad dairy sauce options that can be seamlessly incorporated into your production processes, enabling you to expand your culinary offerings without the burden of regulatory restrictions.