Industry Trends Report 2024-2025

Pizza Trends

Over-Arching Themes

  • Gluten Free Slowly Keeps Climbing
  • All Natural is Becoming the New Standard
  • Authenticity Is of the Utmost Importance
  • Third Party Delivery Keeps Growing Because of Labor
  • Plant Based Has Plateaued
  • Sustainability / “Good For Us” Keeps Growing in Importance

Menu Items/Styles:

  • Detroit Style / Roman Style Still Rising
  • New Haven Style Neapolitan is Hot and Growing Fast
  • Pickles and Fermented Ingredients
  • Hot Sauces and Hot Honey Are Mainstream
  • Added Interest in Crust Uses / Pizza Bones
  • Flat Breads Lead to More Global Flavors
  • Indian Flavors are Gaining

Sauces, Seasonings, and Flavors:

  • Mushrooms, Mushrooms, and More Mushrooms
  • Cup Pepperoni and Cup Sausage Add Crunch
  • Truffle is No Longer Fringe
  • Regional Mexican and Latin Flavors Continue to Flourish
  • Hot Honey Is For Everyone and Not Just Spicy
  • Korean Flavors in Sauces and Toppings Just Keep Gaining
  • Pickled Onions and Peppers
  • Kimchi and Fermented Items and Flavors
  • Chili Crisp, Salsa Macha, and Other Oil-Based Sauces
  • Eggs Both on Breakfast and Non-Breakfast Pizza
  • Ranch and Flavored Ranch are Back and Bigger Than Ever
  • Caribbean and South American Flavors
  • Black Garlic Creeps Slowly to Mainstream
  • Balsamic and Other Sweet Glaze Finishes
  • Spicy, Hot, and Hotter Sauces
  • Birria and Other Tacos in Pizza Form