Industry Trends Report 2024-2025


Over-Arching Themes

  • Drive Through Remains Strong But Declines Slightly
  • Sit Down Restaurant Breakfast is More of a Special Occasion
  • Breakfast At/From Home Is On The Rise
  • Brunch Over Lunch Gains Steam
  • Loyalty Programs Are Strong in Breakfast

Menu Items/Styles:

  • Breakfast Sandwiches and Handhelds Are Still Tops
  • Dip-able and Dunk-able Sandwiches
  • Asian Flavors Enter Breakfast
  • Cereals Decline, but Smoothies Rise
  • Spicy Isn’t Just For Lunch and Dinner Anymore
  • Waffles Take New Shape
  • French Toast Mash-Ups and New Forms
  • Coffee Is Still Strong, but Tea and Smoothies Are Climbing
  • NA Cocktails and Spritzers

Sauces, Seasonings, and Flavors:

  • Smoked, Polish, Chorizo, and Other Non- Traditional Breakfast Sausages
  • Wonuts (Waffle Doughnuts)
  • French Toast In Bakes and As Muffins
  • Honey and Honey Sauces, Including Hot Honeys
  • Yuzu and “New” Citrus Flavors
  • Florals and Botanicals Ginger In Sweet and Savory
  • Kimchi and Fermented Items and Flavors
  • Charred, Spicy, Hot and Hotter Items
  • Truffle and Mushrooms
  • Aiolis of Al Kinds
  • Buckwheat
  • Herbal Forward Flavors
  • Chili Crunch and Chiu Chow Chili
  • Modernized Hollandaise With New Flavors Added
  • White Chocolate
  • Tropical Flavors
  • Chamoy and Mexican Chili Citrus Chilaquiles