• 1980 Michigan Dessert Corporation was founded to focus on dry mousse mixes, whip toppings and puddings for national restaurant chains
  • 1984 Richard Elias and Gary Freeman joined the company as equity partners
  • 1985 Michigan Dessert re-located to a facility in Pontiac, Michigan.
  • 1989 Richard Elias and Gary Freeman took full control of Michigan Dessert.
  • 1991 Michigan Dessert re-located to an expanded facility in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • 1994 American Saucery was founded as a brand to focus on non-dessert (savory) dry mixes.
  • 1997 MiDAS Foods India was founded in Kashipur, India.
  • 1998 Michigan Dessert & American Saucery were re-branded as ‘MiDAS Foods International’.
  • 1999 MiDAS re-located to a 50,000’ technical development and manufacturing center of excellence in Oak Park, Michigan.
  • 2008 MiDAS Foods India moved into a brand new state-of-the-art technical development and dry blending facility.
  • 2012 Awarded the “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” by the Edward Lowe Foundation and the State of Michigan.”
  • 2017 – May – MiDAS Foods Culinary Team wins Bell Flavorology contest at NRA
  • 2018 MiDAS Foods International adds 35,000′ to the North American R&D / manufacturing center

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