Midas Pizza Sauces: A Slice Above the Rest

Elevate your pizza offerings with Midas’ extensive line of pizza sauces. The best part? No prior sauce-making capabilities required.  Simply add water, mix, and get ready for a slice of heaven.

Say Goodbye to Sauce Chaos

Traditional pizza sauces can make a mess during production, splattering beyond the crust and causing a sticky situation on your production line. Not only does this create a safety hazard for your team, but it also leads to inconsistent pizzas that just don’t make the cut.

At Midas, we’ve developed a unique formulation that keeps our pizza sauce thick and steady during production. No more splashes, no more mess—just perfectly sauced pizzas every time. Our sauce maintains the ideal consistency, ensuring every crust is coated just right, without the extra fuss.

These Sauces Have a Pizza Our Hearts

Our product developers meticulously source any necessary new ingredients for each sauce, ensuring an un-compromised culinary experience. Our high-quality blends match or surpass the flavor, texture, color, and consistency of scratch-made sauces. Plus, they offer minimal prep time, easy storage, and a long shelf life.

We offer sauces specifically made for pizzas, including:

  • Valhalla Cheddar Cheese
  • Nashville Hot Pizza
  • Pepperoni Booster
  • Hot Memphis Honey
  • Buffalo
  • Four Cheese

In need of some toppings?

We’ve got those, too! Our crunches can be easily used as pizza toppings as well, with some of our favorites including:

  • Buffalo Fried Chicken
  • Kimchi
  • Parmesan Garlic
  • Spicy Pepper
  • BBQ Snack

These tasty toppers are available in fine and larger panko sizes, making them the perfect accompaniment to your pizza creations.

Oh, and have we mentioned our pepperoni booster? This seasoning blend can be added to the crust dough, sprinkled onto the crust, or mixed in with the sauce to enhance the flavor of pepperoni in the pizza without adding more pepperoni.

Your Pizza, Your Way

At Midas Foods, customization is at the heart of our business. Whether you desire a tweak in taste, texture, or allergen considerations, we tailor our sauces to your exact specifications. From adjusting seasoning to ensuring adherence and consistency, every aspect can be finely tuned to meet your unique requirements. With Midas, your vision becomes reality, one blend at a time.

Cheese the Day with Midas

Ready to take your pizza offerings to new heights? Contact Midas Foods today to discuss projects, set up a capabilities showing, or request samples that can be crafted to your exact needs.