The Problem

Midas Foods had been working with a top 100 casual restaurant chain to review their needs for sauces, glazes, and gravies. Despite the chain’s large size, the overall usage of these items was relatively light, except for a single frozen sauce that was purchased from a manufacturer. The ingredient was imported (expensive), packed in glass (a breakage risk), and had allergens in it that were not present in any other ingredient at the restaurant.  In short, it was an item that would be great to get rid of.

The Solution

The Culinary R&D team at Midas Foods stepped in to help.  They were able to re-engineer the ingredient to remove all allergens without sacrificing taste or flavor. Also, because Midas was able to provide a single-ingredient dry blend mix, there was no longer need for glass. Instead, the restaurant simply added water to the mix and whisked to prepare once a day.

The Results

As a result of Midas’ work, package and storage space were cut in half, as were total product costs. It was a win-win for everyone involved, and both the allergen concerns and the import supply chain risk were eliminated.

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