The Problem

A prepared foods processor began to receive requests for plant-based alternatives, a mac and cheese sauce in particular, from one of its largest clients. The problem? The processor had no prior experience in plant-based foods and wasn’t ready to hire a consultant or start a major initiative to develop expertise in that space. However, they needed to be responsive to their largest customer and prevent them from going elsewhere for product support.

The Solution

Given their extensive experience in formulating sauces, glazes, gravies, proteins, and other items in plant-based format, the Midas Foods culinary team was called in to advise. Midas met with the processor’s internal R&D staff to identify ingredient restrictions and cost requirements from the end user. Production was then consulted to review processing equipment and ideal manufacturing — in this case, instant, ready-to-eat (RTE). Once the guard rails were identified, the team then worked with R&D to create an optimal plant-based mac and cheese sauce from a culinary-level dry blend.

The Results

The end product was a single ingredient, instant, non-GMO, mac and cheese sauce that was designed for existing processing equipment and for customer label requirements. The processor was so satisfied with Midas’ work that they asked the team to look at additional line extensions and return for scale-up and initial manufacturing for the roll-out.

Ready to Explore a Partnership?

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