Cost Savings
Chain Roll-out
Noticeability in Taste Difference

The Problem

A national fast-casual chain faced rising costs for their popular ranch dressing, which was widely used as a dip, side, and salad topping across their stores. As part of a comprehensive cost-saving analysis, they reviewed various menu items, including proteins and packaging, to identify opportunities for reducing expenses at the store level. Despite exploring different areas, the chain consistently found itself struggling with the escalating costs of ranch dressing. Recognizing the need to address this problem, the chain sought a solution that would allow them to maintain the quality and popularity of ranch dressing while simultaneously reducing its production costs.

The Solution

The chain approached the culinary experts at Midas Foods to explore alternatives for their ranch dressing. Upon receiving the chain’s request, the Research and Development (R&D) team at Midas undertook a thorough assessment. They examined the equipment available in the chain’s units and considered ingredient restrictions and cost targets.

Drawing on their expertise, the team developed two viable options for ranch dressing that would meet the chain’s requirements: a complete version of ranch dressing that required only the addition of water and whisking, and an alternative dressing that required the addition of buttermilk and mayonnaise to their existing recipe. Due to its ease of use and reduced dependency on additional ingredients,  the chain opted for the complete option. This choice ensured a streamlined transition and implementation process for the new Ranch dressing.

The Results

The chain and Midas swiftly moved into the testing phase. Within two weeks, the new dressing was evaluated in a controlled environment to ensure its compatibility with existing equipment, taste, and texture. After a successful testing period, the complete ranch dressing was ready for a wider rollout, which commenced within six weeks.

The cost savings achieved were substantial, with the complete option reducing expenses by 25% compared to the ready-to-use alternative. The best part? Customers noted no discernible differences between the original ranch dressing and the new, cost-effective alternative!

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