Annual Savings
Product Savings

The Problem

A small chain restaurant was utilizing a ready-to-use alfredo sauce to prepare its top appetizer item on the menu—a delicious cheese dip. The issue? The sauce was beginning to skyrocket in price. What was once under $2.00/lb. was now over $3.00/lb., adding hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in additional costs.The chain needed to do something to stop the price increases and restore margins.

The Solution

The chain’s management turned to the chefs at Midas Foods. Our research and development team analyzed the cheese dip and its ingredients and was able to re-design the recipe into a much more affordable option. Instead of the original 7 steps it took to make the dip, it now only took 3, and the ingredient list was reduced from 5 items to 2.

The Results

Aside from saving time and money, the chain was able to offer a delicious cheese dip that exceeded the flavor and consistency of its original dip. With a culinary dry blend from Midas for its appetizer item, the chain saw a 15% reduction in costs, saving them over $250,000 annually.

Ready to Start a Partnership?

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