A renowned sauce processor encountered a significant challenge related to kettle burn-on in their bulk food processing operations. Despite running six kettles in two shifts for many years, they had accepted the belief that dairy sauces inevitably splashed, charred, and burned on the kettle surfaces. This issue posed a serious concern as it could lead to black char contaminating white sauces and ruining production runs. Seeking a solution they reached out to Midasfoods to address this problem and improve their manufacturing processes.

The Problem

In the large-scale setting of their kettle-cooking operation, the food processor faced difficulties in preventing burn-on and char formation on the kettle surfaces. Regardless of the level of agitation, when working with dairy-based sauces, glazes, or gravies, there was a high likelihood of liquid splashing above the mixing area or residue charring and burning on the kettle surface. These undesirable occurrences not only impacted the quality of the sauces but also necessitated extensive kettle cleaning and led to rejected production runs.

The Solution

To tackle this persistent issue, they enlisted the expertise of the Midas technical team, which conducted a comprehensive formulation review. Focusing on their highest volume dairy sauces, the team collaborated to develop a solution that would significantly reduce the occurrence of burn-on. By re-formulating these sauces using a process-tolerant dry blend approach, Midas Foods aimed to mitigate the problem and improve the manufacturing efficiency.

The Results

Through their meticulous efforts, Midas Foods successfully achieved remarkable results. The implementation of the re-formulated, process-tolerant dry blend significantly reduced the amount of char and burn-on during kettle-cooking operations. As a result, the company experienced a notable decrease in kettle cleaning times, saving valuable resources and improving overall productivity. Furthermore, the reduction in burn-on occurrences minimized the risk of black char contaminating white sauces, ensuring the integrity and quality of their production runs. The Midas technical team yielded a solution that not only addressed the initial problem but also brought about substantial improvements to their manufacturing process.

By effectively addressing the challenges associated with kettle burn-on, Midas Foods demonstrated their commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in the realm of bulk food processing.