Decrease in End Product Costs


Annual Savings

The Problem

In almost all manufacturing plants, allergen control is a key concern. Cross-contamination with an allergen can lead to major consequences beyond expensive recalls. It can require plants to perform cleanouts, cause major downtime, and decrease production.

A dairy-free major food manufacturer had a demand from their largest customer to produce a cream-based sauce. Clearly a big problem. This was an issue not only in terms of allergen control but also required refrigeration for shipping, pumping, holding, and a whole new group of bacteriological tests. 

The Solution

In order to keep the plant dairy-free, the manufacturer turned to Midas Foods to produce a non-dairy cream base. Midas drew on its extensive experience in plant-based sauces and food engineering to provide a “cream” sauce. This non-dairy sauce provided all of the flavor and functionality of cream without the allergen, refrigeration, or processing concerns.

The Results

The manufacturer was able to deliver the desired product to its customer without any disruption or significant changes in its allergen program. End product costs were approximately 20% lower resulting in an additional $100,000 a year in savings and internal margins were higher than the dairy alternative.  Aside from dairy, the Midas Foods team has supported both R&D and processing manufacturers at the plant level for many other allergen issues.

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