Midas encountered two significant production challenges within a short period and was able to resolve these issues, resulting in improved production efficiency. The first involved a pizza processor struggling with uncontrollable sauce splashing, while the second challenge arose from an appetizer processor dealing with slow production and splashing of raw egg filling.

The Problem

One of Midas’ clients, a pizza processor, faced a persistent problem on their production line. Certain sauces used for depositing splashed uncontrollably, not only covering the crusts but also causing disruptions throughout the production line and posing risks to workers’ safety. However, simply thickening the sauce to overcome the issue rendered it too thick for customers to enjoy, leading to dissatisfaction and potential loss of business.

Shortly after, Midas was approached by an appetizer processor facing a similar issue. Their quiche canape production line was operating at a frustratingly slow pace, preventing them from fulfilling all of their orders. When attempts were made to speed up the process, the raw egg filling splashed uncontrollably, creating further complications.

The Solution

With our team of experienced chefs and food scientists, Midas set out to find innovative solutions for both challenges.

For the pizza processor, Midas identified the root cause of the sauce splashing issue and developed a temporary viscosity-modifying system. The newly formulated sauce maintained a thick consistency during cold production, preventing splashing and significantly improving production line efficiency. Customer satisfaction surged as the crusts were no longer excessively covered in sauce, resulting in a higher-quality pizza product.

For the appetizer processor’s quiche canape line, Midas Foods developed a temporary thickening system. This solution allowed the filling to be deposited at high speeds without splashing or causing any other related issues. The temporary thickening system maintained the desired consistency during high-speed production, eliminating splashing and enabling the appetizer processor to fulfill orders efficiently.

The Results

Both the appetizer processor and pizza processor saw significant improvements in efficiency once Midas’ solutions were implemented. By identifying the problems and devising tailored solutions, Midas not only improved operational efficiency but, in turn, improved customer satisfaction.