As Midas’ Research and Development (R&D) Manager, Jan is innovative and successful in developing new products that meet desired product functionality, nutritional requirements, clean label requirements, and meet cost targets. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Loyola University of Chicago, Jan worked as a consultant and food technologist for a number of companies, including Domino’s Pizza, Inc. and Griffith Foods.

As a consultant at Domino’s Pizza in Great Britain, she qualified suppliers and provided training at franchised restaurants across France, Amsterdam, and Israel for deep dish pizza. She was also a Quality Assurance Dough Product Manager. She is a longtime member and supporter of IFT.

During her time at Midas, she’s developed numerous products, both savory and sweet, but her favorite is the Gold Label Mousse Mix! Outside of her culinary work, Jan is an avid and accomplished athlete who loves to participate in triathlons. She loves to dine on Middle Eastern cuisine, and loves to travel with a few of her favorite vacation spots being Karpathos, Crete, Rhodes, Lanzarote, Cyprus, Kauai, and Isla Las Mujeres.